Posted by: Jim Black | July 1, 2011

Day Seven

Well it’s day seven. We were actually only supposed to be here six days. Today was to be our travel day but we missed our flight this morning and so we are waiting. After watching Ricky Pierce come unglued we got back to the hotel where we will wait and try again tomorrow. Actually Ricky handled it really well.
The airline is going to do everything they can to help us get a seat on their flight tomorrow but they can’t guarantee it. We’ll have to see. So be praying for some cancellations and/or no-shows tomorrow! If we can get to Miami I think we can figure out a way home. The airlines aren’t guaranteeing anything but I know God is in control and he’ll work it all out. Jim

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Posted by: Jim Black | June 30, 2011

Day Six

At least I think it’s day six. They have started running together for me. But today was another great day in Honduras. The weather was just perfect as we drove to the community of Maqualiso (spelling?) to distribute bags of food. They were gone in no time. It’s one of the poorest areas I have ever seen but the area is absolutely beautiful. It sits on the side of a mountain with a breathtaking view of the Honduran countryside. The people were so friendly and wonderful to meet. We gave away 200 or more bags and could have given away hundreds more.
Jimmy and Joel finally picked up their bags from the airport today! Yay! Just in time for tomorrow’s return flight home. Ha ha.
What a wonderful trip this has been. It’s going to be hard to leave our Honduran family here in the morning but I am sure looking forward to getting home. I have four little boys and a pretty special wife at home that I’ve missed quite a bit.
I can’t wait to share more stories of our Honduran adventures with you in the days ahead. In the meantime be praying for us as we travel tomorrow and start thinking about making the trip with us next year! Jim

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Posted by: Jim Black | June 29, 2011

Days Four & Five

Exhausted is the best way to describe myself tonight. I tell you what… It takes a LOT to keep up with Ricky Pierce down here!
After a little down time on Sunday in the Valle de Angeles on Monday it was back to work! We headed out to Jovenes en Camino to finish up some projects that the Smyrna group wasn’t able to complete last week. Jimmy’s plumbing skills came in handy as they worked on getting water to a new washer. I did some carpentry work (if you can call it that) with Ray & Leroy. After working all day there we met up with Walter Goodwin last night and visited the hospital. We setup some cots and gave away 350 burritos. If you’ve never been there there is no way to describe the hospital to you. We were so blessed to be there.
Today we returned to Jovenes and finished up the projects we started yesterday. I think we got everything done and had a great day! It’s such a great place. Some of the guys got drenched riding in the back of the truck on the way home but they didn’t seem to mind.
Good news today! Jimmy’s lost luggage has been found and is at the airport today! We couldn’t get there before it closed however so we’ll have to get it tomorrow… Just in time for leaving on Thur! Now we’re waiting on our orders for tomorrow from our fearless leader.

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Posted by: Jim Black | June 27, 2011

Day three

What a great day in Honduras. We received an overwhelmingly warm welcome by the brethren at church this morning! They sang Bienvinidos as we arrived welcoming us with smiles, hugs, a few kisses and Honduran coffee! My kind of church!
After worship we enjoyed a great meal they prepared for us and then did a little shopping in the Valle de Angeles… In the rain.
The highlight had to have been getting to see a little girls face light up when we presented her with a wheelchair for her to have. She is 9 yrs old, has cerebal palsy and…. I’ll have to let Ricky share the story with you. It was so touching to see! God is at work and I was blessed to see Him today! Jim

Posted by: Jim Black | June 26, 2011

Day Two

It was a crazy but typical day in Honduras! One crew finished up the house. Another crew ran errands with Carlos picking up materials at Jovenes and trying to find an alternator for his truck. It took the better part of the day and most of it was spent waiting. Speaking of waiting, Joel & Jimmy spent all day at the airport looking for their luggage… No luck. The airline can’t tell them where the bags are. Otherwise it was a great day!
Tomorrow it’s off to worship with our bros and sisters in the Valle de Angeles! We’ll send greetings from all at Washington St. Jim

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Posted by: Jim Black | June 25, 2011

Day One

We drove up to the most beautiful spot today to build a house on the top of a mountain! What a view! It rained on us a couple of times but I sure can’t complain. The temp that high up stayed in the 70’s all day making for a very pleasant day. We plan to finish it tomorrow.
We ended the day with a celebration at El Patio honoring Darrion’s 13th Birthday. A great day! Now it’s off to bed to get ready for tomorrow.
By the way… It looks like Jimmy’s luggage is sightseeing in El Salvador and should be rejoining the group tomorrow at least he hopes so!

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Posted by: Jim Black | June 24, 2011

Safe Arrival

Well, we all arrived more or less on time this afternoon in Tegucigalpa!  Thankfully, it was an uneventful flight and pretty smooth’ all things considered.  After a quick minute to freshen up and an even quicker bite to eat, we headed out to the clinic where we packed over 300 food bags which you donated!  Thank you!  Lord willing, we will be delivering those this week.  Tomorrow, our plan is to head out to the Valle de Angeles to start construction on a house for Sis. Rosa from the church there.  I met her in 2007 and let me tell you… she lives WAYYYY up a very high mountain! Will keep you posted.

By the way, Jimmy has recieved proper introduction to Honduras as he awaits the arrival of his luggage.  Apparently, his bag decided it wanted another day layover in Miamai… perhaps to sight see…  Hopefully it will arrive in the morning.

God bless!

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