Posted by: Jim Black | June 29, 2011

Days Four & Five

Exhausted is the best way to describe myself tonight. I tell you what… It takes a LOT to keep up with Ricky Pierce down here!
After a little down time on Sunday in the Valle de Angeles on Monday it was back to work! We headed out to Jovenes en Camino to finish up some projects that the Smyrna group wasn’t able to complete last week. Jimmy’s plumbing skills came in handy as they worked on getting water to a new washer. I did some carpentry work (if you can call it that) with Ray & Leroy. After working all day there we met up with Walter Goodwin last night and visited the hospital. We setup some cots and gave away 350 burritos. If you’ve never been there there is no way to describe the hospital to you. We were so blessed to be there.
Today we returned to Jovenes and finished up the projects we started yesterday. I think we got everything done and had a great day! It’s such a great place. Some of the guys got drenched riding in the back of the truck on the way home but they didn’t seem to mind.
Good news today! Jimmy’s lost luggage has been found and is at the airport today! We couldn’t get there before it closed however so we’ll have to get it tomorrow… Just in time for leaving on Thur! Now we’re waiting on our orders for tomorrow from our fearless leader.

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