Posted by: Jim Black | June 14, 2010

Red Cross Blood Drive @ Washington St… June 23rd

An Important Encouragement…
Wouldn’t it be great if we knew when an emergency would happen? That way we could have plenty of time to get ready, call our family, and friends and wait for things to return to normal. Unfortunately, emergencies just don’t happen like that.
Like most days, I left home at 5:30 am on Tuesday, November 3, to go to work. That day I never made it to work. I spent the next 21 days on the trauma floor at Vanderbilt Hospital where they use a lot of blood. If people had not donated blood, my life could have been at risk.
With the healing hand of God, my family and friends, many prayers and the American Red Cross, I am alive today!
I’m asking each of you to please consider donating blood when the American Red Cross comes to Washington Street. One simple act can make a huge difference and save a life.
Thank you,
Eric Yatsko

To register, go to and enter code: Fayettevilletn19 or call the church office


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