Posted by: Jim Black | January 16, 2010

Healing Hands in Haiti

The pictures and the stories which are coming to us from Haiti are just heartbreaking.  If you’re like me, you’ve watched the news in horror at the devastation that this past week’s earthquake has wreaked on that small, poverty-stricken country.  Many wonder “Where is God in all of this” or “How could God let this happen to such a poor people?” 

I, too, ask those questions and sure don’t have all the answers.  But I’ve also noticed another thing…. God’s people mobilizing to help.  All over the news you hear stories of people who are there to help, who are pulling people from the rubble, who are offering water, food and assistance in whatever way they can… and they are Christians!  While governments and militaries scramble to get supplies on the ground, while beauracrats meet and write legislation to send money… Christians are already on the ground doing God’s thing… helping.

I was struck by an ABC news report earlier this week that highlighted the efforts of many missionaries who were there to help.  And they were there BEFORE the earthquake even hit.  ABC said that the charities which are already there working and ministering to the people are the best hope.  It will take weeks for the UN and the governments from around the world to organize sufficiently to actually be able to deliver and distribute much-needed supplies.  But so many Christian organizations and churches are already there and set up to help.  Is that what God is doing in Haiti?  Are people from around the world witnessing God’s people at work?  Is God getting the glory for that?  (he gets the blame for so much else, doesn’t he?)

Healing Hands is one such organization which is already on the ground and working hard to help.  Recently featured on a Fox News report from Nashville… it is an excellent organization if you would like to be a part of helping Haiti.  They are supported by churches of Christ all over the country and are first-rate in their ability to deliver aid and assistance in times such as this.  You can read about them here. and donate online if you would like.

Also, check out the Fox News report…



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