Posted by: Jim Black | December 7, 2009

Heart to Heart

I tried something new tonight at church and I’m not sure how effective it was. I called it “Heart to Heart with the Preacher” and was an opportunity for me to just share my heart with the church… my heart for ministry, some of the things I do in my ministry and why I do them… that sort of thing. It was also an opportunity for folks to ask me questions and I especially encouraged questions from the kids. Boy, I got some great ones! It’ll take me a year or more to properly answer some of the really good ones. The funniest were the football questions. “Which is the best football team… from the Christian viewpoint?” I wonder if God cares as much about football as our young men, but its got to be the Saints… don’t you think?
Well, I’m not sure how effective it was. My main goal is to give the church an opportunity to look into the hearts of our ministers and elders and get a sense of why we do what we do… what gets us out of bed in the mornings, so to speak. We’re in a period of transition right now at Washington Street as our long-time family minister will be leaving us soon and there are questions about the future of that ministry in particular. Since he also served as an elder, there are leadership questions, too. Is it time to look for additional leaders? Additional deacons? More elders? I wanted to give the church the sense that our elders, ministers and deacons love this church and are working together seeking God’s will for us. I am as excited now about the future at Washington Street as ever before… but I’m not sure that came across.
Anyway, Brad will be taking up the challenge next week… “A Heart to Heart with our Youth Minister.” Our elders are slated for the first Sunday night in January as we look towards a great and new year!
Bottom line: I’m glad to be a part of a church that puts up with me and allows me to feel my way through God’s amazing work.


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