Posted by: Jim Black | October 19, 2009

A Great Sunday!

What a great day Sunday was! I don’t often spend much time reflecting on Sundays, but I can’t help but feel that this one was special and as I look back I see what a glorious day it was. For the first time in days I saw the sun come out and even though it was still unseasonably cool, the crispness in the air coupled with the rays of the sun gave me an extra bounce for some reason. Then as we gathered for worship there seemed to be an extra measure of the Spirit of God among us. There’s nothing like “Joy to the World” to set the right tone for worship! As our songs and as our thoughts centered around the coming of the Christ, the birth of Jesus, I was reminded just what an incredible gift that was (and is) for us. God left the throne of heaven to become a human being just like me… “God in the flesh.” What a great theme to remember… and one we should constantly keep before us… certainly more than just one season out of the year! To top it all off, our hearts were pricked as a dear brother responded to the Lord’s invitation confessing sin, and asking for prayers. Oh, if we could all be more open and honest about sins that we face… perhaps we could help one another avoid getting ourselves into the messes that we do. After lunch with good friends the afternoon was spent at the Heartwalk where we enjoyed a great walk with beautiful weather. Afterwards, I hurried back for a great Share Group meeting with my wonderful small group. Jeremy Howes led us in a great devotional and we capped off the evening with Chili and hot dogs. It doesn’t get any better than that! I love my Share Group! We are so blessed at Washington Street to have such a great church family. You are all a blessing and I hope your weekend was equally blessed. Please keep our brother in your prayers this week… and pray for God’s Spirit to continue to move among us… moving us to increasingly become the people and the church that God wants us to be.


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