Posted by: Jim Black | September 5, 2009


Jeremiah is famously known as the “weeping prophet” but why? I just finished reading through Lamentations (which most ascribe to Jeremiah) and Brad did an excellent job last week preaching from Jeremiah itself. What a dismal message the poor guy had to deliver! Wow…
Still, I’ve got an affinity for the guy. Here he is… a prophet of God… called to preach God’s Word to the doomed nation of Judah and he hates it! He absolutely hates his job. No matter what he does, he can’t win. When he preaches what God wants him to… the people hate him. But when he doesn’t, he can’t stand himself. There’s a “fire in his bones” that he just can’t contain. The only thing Jeremiah hates worse than preaching God’s Word is NOT preaching God’s Word.
I guess I’ve had those days… certainly not to the degree Jeremiah did. Still, I’ve got to admire him. Here he is preaching away… for 40+ years… and nobody ever listens. The people don’t listen. His family doesn’t listen. The kings don’t listen. At one point the king even burns all the man’s sermons and he has to start all over! There are times when I feel like nobody is listening to what I’m saying… and yet Jeremiah pressed on. He was faithful. He kept preaching… in season… out of season… despite hardship… despite persecution… despite apathy and despite outright hatred. (you’d cry too if it happened to you!) He kept on. A good example to consider, I think.


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