Posted by: Jim Black | July 6, 2009

Thoughts on Honduras…

As I sit down in front of my computer this morning to write my weekly bulletin article in the comfort of my office, I find myself preoccupied by thoughts of Honduras. My mind is especially concerned over the wonderful people of the country and especially our brothers and sisters in the church there. If you haven’t been keeping up with the news, there has been some amount of political unrest in the country since the Honduran Congress acted to remove their President on charges of treason and misconduct in office. I am pretty oblivious and ignorant of Honduran politics, so I’m not sure of all the “ins & outs” of it, but I DO know that all of the controversy has frightened off most of the mission teams that had trips planned for the rest of the summer. This is going to be devastating to the people. While much of the region is modern, the poverty in Honduras is never-ending. Each year hundreds of missionary teams from the States make their way to the poverty-stricken country with aid, support, Bible-teaching materials and freely build houses for the poorest of the poor. While we were there, we ran into several such groups like ourselves. Without this assistance and without the trade and aid from other countries, the people of Honduras are going to suffer. There will be a lot of good that won’t get done… so please pray for the current situation! Pray for Carlos, Marla and the kids… pray for Walter and his work… pray for the boys at Jovenes en Camino, the children’s home. And pray for the generous and joyous people of Honduras.

Our trip, as we reported Sunday, was nonetheless a great success… thanks be to God! We successfully completed the building of two houses, conducted a roving Vacation Bible School which taught over 230 children throughout the week stories from the Bible, visited and encouraged the children at the children’s home, Jovenes en Camino (a wonderful place and a terrific ministry!). We handed bags of food to over 250 families in some of the poorest areas in which we worked and we visited a local hospital and had a devotional with the people who were waiting in the halls on their loved ones. The one thing that we did NOT get to do because of the political situation was to worship with the church in the Valle de Angeles. That is always a highlight of the trip and it greatly encourages the members of the church there. Because of the unfolding situation that Sunday morning, our team felt it best to remain at the hotel and not travel out. It was probably the best decision, but we really missed being with the church that morning. I hope we can get back soon.

I hope to post pictures and maybe even video to the web site as soon as I can this week, so check back regularly at


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