Posted by: Jim Black | April 21, 2009

“No one can serve two masters” -Jesus

Jesus had a way of being direct and to the point, didn’t he? It is almost as if Jesus realized that his time on Earth was going to be short. He didn’t waste any time mincing words or trying to assuage people with empty words. When he had an opportunity to teach people, he got right to the point. That’s what he was doing out on that mountainside in chapters five and six of Matthew in what has become known as the “Sermon on the Mount.” This extended discourse contains some of Jesus’ most famous and most difficult teaching. When he said in chapter six verse 24 that “no man can serve two masters” he wasn’t pulling any punches. He was talking directly to folks who were trying to live in two worlds… trying to follow him while at the same time trying to keep one foot firmly planted in the world. They were guilty of “storing up treasures on Earth” as opposed to investing for eternity and by so doing, they were trying to serve two masters.

This Sunday we’re going to conclude our recent mini-series of lessons on the teachings of Jesus, “Vintage Jesus”, by taking a fresh look at this great one-liner… “No one can serve two masters” and its natural follow-up found at the end of that verse, “You cannot serve both God and Money.” Probably no teaching of our Savior is as relevant today as this one! How many of us are guilty of storing up for ourselves and putting our trust in the things of this world, rather than in the things of God? How many of us are investing for eternity… using the material resources and wealth that we have been blessed with to further the kingdom of God? How many of us put more trust in our 401k’s than in our Lord?


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