Posted by: Jim Black | March 31, 2009

Vintage Jesus

We are going to take a brief hiatus from our “Cover to Cover” lessons beginning next Sunday morning, as I will begin a little “mini-series” that I’m calling, “Vintage Jesus” for the month of April. There are so many different ideas and views of Jesus in our world today, that I want to challenge us to think about the real, authentic Jesus… the Jesus we find in Scripture. We will be taking a look at some of his most challenging teachings, one from each of the four gospels throughout the month. Most importantly, I want us to think about how we as his people today are to live out those teachings in our lives each day. I’m particularly interested in hearing from you. What do you think the “average joe” on the street thinks of Jesus? What is the common perception of him? Do you think it is anything like the real Jesus presented in Scripture? Let me know what you think…

Don’t fall behind in your daily “Cover to Cover” readings, though! We’ll catch up from the pulpit in May with the great stories that we’re reading right now in Samuel, Kings and the Chronicles! Here are some upcoming lessons which we’ll begin tackling in May…
Samuel… Saul… David, the boy King… Solomon… the Kingdom Divided… the Exile… Esther…. Job… (more to follow!)


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