Posted by: Jim Black | December 29, 2008

Cover to Cover

Whew!  The Holidays are almost over and I’m still trying to catch my breath.  What a time of year it it… the hustling… the bustling… the gift giving… the gift receiving… and the gift returning!  Ha ha.  I hope you got just what you wanted for Christmas this year and, more importantly, I hope you were able to give just what you wanted this year.  What’s the greatest gift you received?  I’ll tell you that one of the greatest gifts we have ever received has been the gift of God’s Word.  As I sit this morning and stare at the Bible on my desk I think about how I so often take it for granted.  Here I have the complete revelation of God before me… his introduction of himself to me… his love letter to me telling of his undying love for me… his strategy guidebook to playing the game of life… his instruction manual and map for my life… I am again awestruck to have received such an incredible and awesome gift!!


I am beginning a new challenge THIS week… and I am asking every member at Washington Street to join me in reading through the Bible from “cover to cover” in 2009.  I’ve been talking about it a little bit from the pulpit and this Sunday I will explain a bit more.  I will be preaching in January a short “mini-series” designed to be an encouraging “primer” for our study together through the rest of the year, but January 1st is Thursday, so let’s get started!  Here’s what we are encouraging everyone to do:

·        Pick up a “From Cover to Cover” Reading Schedule from the bulletin board in the church auditorium, from the church office, or from the church website

·        Sign up on the bulletin board or from the website & commit to read thru it with me

·        Sit down with your favorite Bible in the translation of your choice & start reading!


Most days will cover between three and four chapters.  We are beginning in Genesis and reading straight through to Revelation.  Won’t you join us?  What a super blessing this will be to the whole church all year long!


New Year’s blessings,



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