Posted by: Jim Black | December 16, 2008

A Grown Up Christmas List

thanksgiving-christmas-121A Christmas Note from Our Family to Yours…

I cannot believe that it is time once again for the annual “Christmas Letter.”  It has been something of a tradition in our church for those of us who serve as ministers to pause and reflect on the year and to write a “Christmas note” to everyone.  I cannot believe the year has already passed… it has gone by so quickly.  What a year it has been!


My family still counts it a tremendous blessing to be a part of this wonderful church family.  You have blessed us FAR beyond any way we have served you.  Your friendships have held us up, your encouragement has lifted us up and your commitment to the Lord and his work has spurred us on.  It has been a great year for our family.  God has blessed in so many ways.  Andy is in third grade and played football for Riverside this year.  While I wasn’t’ so sure I wanted to encourage football so young, I found that I couldn’t hold him back… he thoroughly enjoyed it and after his first touchdown has decided to go pro when he is old enough for the draft.  David, likewise, has become quite the football fanatic despite being too young to play “officially”.  He is loving first grade, becoming quite the prolific reader and can tell you all the stats & scores for the College and pro football season so far.  Michael, our youngest and loudest, loves running… throwing… diving… falling… tumbling and crashing, though not necessarily in that order.  He started school this year and absolutely loves “Pre-Kindergarten”!  With all of the boys in school now, Celeste has gone back to full time work as Riverside’s PE teacher.  Most every day you’ll find her keeping the kids at school active, playing fair and running out some of their energy around the gym!  The teachers love her… and most of the kids!  It has been a busy year for us and now looking back, I’m not sure where all the time has gone… but it has been a great one!  Thank you for being one of the special people in our lives who have made it so!


A “Grown-up” Christmas List

If you’re looking for the ‘perfect’ Christmas gift to give that special preacher in your life this year,  (Hint Hint!)… this is what would REALLY make him happy! 

  • Buy Christmas gifts for a family in need this year… I have enough ties and really don’t like them anyway.
  • Donate some food to our food pantry… I’m really fat enough.
  • Donate some money to our Honduras Fund to help us make another trip next summer
  • Purchase a table & chairs for the church in Honduras ($65) by sending the money in to the church office with a note for that purpose
  • Make a donation to a local charity… Hands of Mercy Outreach Center, Children’s Advocacy Center, The Child Development Center, Riverside Christian Academy or to our Benevolence ministry here.
  • Donate to our building fund

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