Posted by: Jim Black | November 11, 2008

How to Play the Game of LIFE

Jesus told his followers that he came to bring LIFE… LIFE abundant, LIFE complete, LIFE full and LIFE eternal!  Check out John 10:10 this week… one of my favorite verses in all the Bible.  Life can also, however, be a real bear!  The stuff that this world has to throw at us can really get us down.  It can complicate life.  It can confuse life.  And it can make life hard to bare at times.  Have you ever been knocked down in the “game of life”?  Have other players lapped you around the board?  Have they built more hotels than you and sent you to jail ‘without passing go’?  LIFE is the game we are all in and the hard-knocks of life affect every one of us.  Beginning this Sunday we are going to be taking a look at LIFE… at the life the world has to throw at us AND the LIFE that God has come to restore unto us.  It will be a series of lessons in simple and practical Christian living.  How does God call us out of the “rat-race” of living in this world and in to the eternal LIFE of Kingdom living?  That is the question for all of us who call ourselves Christians and struggle to balance the priorities of LIFE in this game we all must play.


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