Posted by: Jim Black | November 5, 2008

a post-election funny

Just thought I’d share a good funny on this post-election day. 

My middle son, David, who is six, has been very interested in the campaign and election yesterday.  I made them go to bed last night before many of the returns had started coming in… much to their disappointment.  They all wanted to know who was going to be the next President.  So, when I went in to wake them up this morning the first words out of David’s mouth (even before peaking out from under the covers) was, “Who won the election?”  I told him, “Well, son, like I told you last night it looks like its going to be Obama.”  He immediately responded… “What was the score?”



  1. Ha! That was the first thing Elizabeth asked when I went in her rom this morning. She’s taking it hard that her candidate didn’t win.

  2. Michael was the only one who backed the winner at our house. He was happy.

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