Posted by: Jim Black | October 10, 2008

Some comments I’ve gotten…

I can’t believe all of the comments I have recieved after announcing that I was going to tackle the subject of “Faith & Politics” for the next four Sundays!  I’ve never recieved as many comments (good, bad or indifferent) from ANY sermon I’ve ever preached… especially BEFORE it has even been delivered.  I wonder what people are afraid I will say?  I wonder what people expect me to say?  Below are just a sampling of e-mails I’ve gotten from my Facebook page as well as e-mail… the names are left off to protect the innocent & the guilty!  Remember, the question was “Can you talk about politics at church?”

“I remember someone who tried to talk about politics in synagogue…I don’t think it went very well for him.”


“I guess it depends if anyone from the IRS attends there.”


“just remind everyone that we (BOTH sides) need to stop expecting the government to do what Christ designated as the church’s responsibility.” 


“The fact that I’ve typed and re-typed my reply about six times is a sure sign we shouldn’t.” 


“You do have freedom of speech, but depending on what you would say…  Your family could crash at our place if it ended badly.  Or…  you could just blame Brad!” 


“NOT from the pulpit! We have had problems with this at our church recently! I think it is a bad idea!” 


“and make everyone happy! sticky one!” 


“Can discuss current events and political issues of moral significance–but advocate for a candidate and it will threaten your tax exempt status.  And also half the congregation will disagree with you and get mad. :)”


“take a lesson from an old man… Its not a good idea…”


   Your lesson topic on “Faith & Politics” is interesting.  You are a brave soul!  Would love to be there to hear them.  I have been “forbidden” by a couple of my elders to even mention it.  I am really struggling with that, in a time when I feel I NEED to be vocal.

   Let’s keep praying. 


“If you figure that out, let us all know!”


“Poor Jim – Everyone expects you to back a candidate!  Show them the true way!  Point to “that one” who died on the cross for us.  Following Christ is politics – it smashes the Republicans and Democrats by reminding them they they are part of a fallen world that offers no true hope to their followers.”


“You can talk about politics as long as you don’t talk about Republicans, Democrats, Politicians, Issues, Mistakes, or Solutions.  Everything else is fair game.”




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