Posted by: Jim Black | September 3, 2008

your story

So, I’m beginning a series this Sunday on baptism.  It sounds like a very traditional thing to do for an old church of Christ boy like myself… but I’ve got to tell you… I’m pretty excited about it!  Baptism is one of those subjects that churches of Christ have been well-known for hammering from our pulpits pretty regularly.  I realize we may have had a few extreme folks out there who may have left erroneous impressions of what baptism is, but I think by and large this reputation has been a good thing for us.  Baptism is important.  I’ve always been convinced of that… but I’m becoming more and more convinced that it is even more important than we may have ever thought!  This is ironic to me since I have been criticized by not mentioning it in my preaching enough.  I hope to remedy this by taking an entire month and encouraging all of us to study together and explore the full meaning of baptism as it is presented in the New Testament.

As I begin this series… by exploring the “mystery” of baptism… I am interested in hearing YOUR stories.  When were you baptized into Christ?  What prompted your decision?  Was it a gospel meeting or revival?  Was it a particular preacher or sermon?  Where were you baptized… in a creek or river or church building?  Does anything stand out to you about your baptism?

I was talking with Sis. Margaret Jennings the other day at her 100th birthday party celebration.  She told me that one of her fondest memories was being baptized in our old church building here at Washington Street in 1931.  Wow!  She remembered it like it was yesterday!  What’s your story?


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