Posted by: Jim Black | April 22, 2008

Standing thru… death

   With all of the uncertainties of life, there is one thing that is certain… death.  The Bible says, “It is appointed unto man once to die and then to face the judgment!”  It is an appointment we will all keep, even though few of us know when it will come.  This Sunday we will be concluding our series “Stand in the Rain” by discussing the “rain” that will fall upon us all… death.  Death is certainly a tough one!  The death of a loved one, especially a life-long spouse can be devastating.  The prospect of one’s own death can also loom over us like a specter and rob us from living to the full the moments we DO have.  What is God’s answer to death?  How can we “stand” when death looms over us?  How can we continue on when we have lost someone so dear to us?  These are the questions I hope to explore together Sunday morning.  If you’ve ever wondered about any of those questions, I hope you’ll be encouraged by God’s Word.

   Through this series I have hoped to offer words of encouragement and hope for folks who have been through some pretty tough stuff.  Let me know what you have thought and how you have been touched by God’s promises through it all.



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