Posted by: Jim Black | December 3, 2007

… Hope

Man, Stacy Johnson did a wonderful job last Sunday sharing with us his personal story of God’s abiding presence throughout his ordeal recovering from a horseback riding accident last year.  Sorry, Stacy… I understand she didn’t throw you, you exited in a hurry.  Still, the outcome was the same… a broken back that could’ve been a lot worse than it was.  How wonderful it is to share our personal testimonies of how God has helped see us through tough times.  This Sunday Rob Tittle is going to share with us along the theme of HOPE.  The Christian life truly is “A Wonderful Life” and not the least of those blessings is the incredible hope that we have as believers.  Regardless of how the day treats us, we can go to bed at night with the hope… the assurance that this life is NOT all that there is!  God has promised us a home in eternity!  That gives me reason to get out of bed in the morning.  What would we do if Jesus had never been born? 

I’m curious… what are your thoughts?  How has this blessing of ‘hope’ helped you in your Christian walk?


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