Posted by: Jim Black | November 5, 2007

Simple Christianity #2…"Why Would I Want to be a Christian?"

As a part of our ongoing discussion on simple Christianity, this week I am posing the question to us all, “Why would I want to be a Christian?”  It may be an obvious question in some ways, but maybe it is one that you haven’t thought of in a while.  In Acts 26:24-29 Paul tries to persuade King Agrippa to become one… and Agrippa thinks Paul is out of his mind.  Is that how WE look to the outside… out of our minds?  WHY would anyone want to be a Christian?  I know a lot of Christians who walk around with a frown on their face all day long and I wonder what kind of witness that is to the joy to be found in Christ.  I look around in worship (sometimes at myself!) and hear the voices of half-hearted singing and wonder what kind of message we are sending to the world?  I think about the division and the disagreements that Christians often air over the public airwaves and the local papers, and I wonder what outsiders must think about Christianity.  Why would they WANT to be a Christian if that is all we do?  This is the theme we will explore more fully on Sunday… and I am interested in your thoughts. 



  1. One of the best things that happened to me was that all the mistakes and regret that I had throughout my life, I was able to give to Jesus to take care of. I lived the bulk of my life as a non-Christian, and when I made mistakes I had only myself to turn to. As I was going through life the regret kept pilling on my back and I had no release in sight. So, to be able to give all this to Jesus was one the best reason to become a Christian for me.

  2. What a futile world we live in. We spend our entire lives amassing money and stuff, and the irony is, when we die, all the money and stuff stays behind. (Pardon me for sounding like I’m plagurizing from Ecclesiates, but it’s true!)

    Christianity offers hope — real hope — for something beyond this world. This fact alone should be enough to catch the attention of people struggling in this harsh world.

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